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Yvan Rodic
Fashion Blogger
Beauty & Fashion Blog Awards
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Fashion Blogger,

Yvan Rodic also known as Face Hunter was Born in Vevey, a French-speaking part of Switzerland. Rodic (1977-) studied Communication at Polycom Lausanne before taking on copy writing stints for Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi in Geneva, Brussels and Paris. A born trend-spotter with a natural eye for photography, it was not long before he combined writing for magazines with snapping pictures of people at art events in his then home, Paris. In February 2006, almost casually, he began posting the results online: and just like that, Face Hunter was born.

Widely considered one of the most influential movers and shakers in fashion, his original blog and more recent Visual Diary receive approximately 1 million hits per month. Over this short period, Yvan has been at the vanguard of one of the decade’s most remarkable trends. When he began in 2006, street style blogging was still in its infancy: in part it is thanks to his work that it has subsequently become a phenomenon. As one of those to experience first-hand the insatiable public appetite for a more democratic view on fashion, Yvan found himself caught up in a whirl within the first few months of his website’s inception. With the telling tag line: “Eye Candy for the Style Hungry” above portraits of individual characters with arresting styles, Face Hunter instantly developed a reputation for being one of the most satisfying style destinations online.

More than just a street style photographer, Yvan Rodic is a cultural explorer or 'blog-trotter’—a new breed of traveller on a perpetual mission to scout out the latest global trends, current cultural happenings and fashion. His synoptic eye takes in the bright lights of capitals and the no-less curious glow of cities like Reykjavik and Jakarta in one fluid and continuous motion. Looking at the styles he captures en route, it seems as if national borders fall away – as if a new culture is rising up. Whether in Nizhny Novgorod or New York, this network of adherents take and re-work their references, subconsciously proclaiming membership of a new, ‘Creole’ culture. To capture these developments, Yvan has expanded his network to encompass new media while “twittering” the results as he goes. His tantalising Visual Diary offers a more intimate, eclectic record of his own tastes and the places and subjects he encounters, returning to the broader scope of his original passion.



Person with different activities. Acting, writing, thinking ...
In different forms. In different environments.
Passion : to communicate.
She has an enormous curiosity regarding Life and a great respect for Time.
She has a few writing thoughts so far...
20 and something roles played in movies and 35 roles acted in theater
The most honorable distinction received: His Majesty King Michael I of Romania awarded her the Romanian Royal House Cross on October 25th, 2012. Romanian Academy awarded her Aristizza Romanescu title, for her theatrical and film career, on 16th December 2010.
Oana Pellea received twice the title of Best theater actress in Romania. National and international awards for her artistic activity.
She admits that she doesn’t know anything. And she still wonders...


Andreea esca
Director Editorial, The One

Andreea Esca is an important Romanian journalist and the most well known Romanian TV news anchor. She is presenting the main news program at Pro TV, the leading television in Romania, since 1995 and she is also a CNN correspondent since 1994, when she graduated the International Professional Program at this American television station. Seven years ago she became the editorial director of “ The ONE”, a women glossy magazine that is very much involved in the new Romanian lifestyle. Supporting national designers, bloggers, business persons, artists, the magazine is promoting a new talented generation that needs to be known. In the same time, “The ONE” reflects every month the most important issues from all over the world. The magazine’s editors keep the readers informed about what’s going on in fashion, art, business, showbiz, travel, , covering most of the international events, as Fashion Weeks , Art Exhibitions,Beauty Conferences.


Raluca Kisescu
Director Commercial Marketing, Avon Romania si Moldova

Raluca Kisescu wears makeup from the age of 14 and also for 14 years she writes stories about cosmetics at Avon, the company for beautiful, smart, involved, with good humor and 100% digitized women. She is an artistic manager that combines marketing strategy with writings on blog, and more important – on the only Avon blog in the world. She tries, with modesty, to do what we are all programmed to do from birth: good and beautiful.


solist VUNK and guest blogger Avon Spaceblog

He loves to write. Anything. Lyrics, fiction, blog articles, music.
He did it all of them for almost 14 years as a founding band member, composer, writer and performer for VUNK. He is also guest blogger for Avon, and at the beginning of the spring, for 3 weeks in a row, he had the most read post in social media. At the age of 37 Cornel Ilie always sees the bright side of things..


Director GQ and the founder of Fashion&

Ovidiu Buta is a storyteller, a man who lives for what he does and through what he does, enjoys world and the travels, and he's happy that he's part of the world where pictures speak louder than words. He’s looking for beauty and creates everything with transparency. He adds shape and he's also aware of the fine boundary between beautiful and ugly. He thinks that "everything and everyone contains beauty or may become beautiful, it's just a matter of perspective"


Editor, Decat o revista

Cristian Lupsa is the editor of Decat o Revista (DoR), a quarterly magazine covering the stories of modern day Romania. A native Transylvanian who didn’t turn out to be the doctor his family hoped he’d become, Cristian has an MA in journalism, and has written about everything from higher education, to religion, to famous women. In 2009, along with a group of rebellious journalists, he started DoR, a magazine dedicated to the idea that good nonfiction storytelling can change people and communities. He was recently selected as part of the 2014 class of Nieman fellows at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University.

Mirela Bucovicean
Owner, Molecule-F

Mirela Bucovicean has as “hobby” to experience and to achieve the success in everything she does. She reinvents herself professionally and she starts all over again in new areas, totally different from everything she has done before. Passionate about creative entrepreneurship and fascinated by online, Mirela combines marketing strategy with PR and seeks to make a difference in the projects developed by her through PR Molecules. However, if you ask her what she would most like to do, she will surprise you with the answer: charity.


Fashion Blogger,

With a 10-year experience in the advertising and glossy publishing, I started my own personal, web-based fashion encyclopedia. Its main purpose is to bring creativity and fashion insight at the same table, within original content: compelling fashion videos, inspiring photos and witty words.


Ana Morodan
Fashion Blogger,

Ana Morodan is an image creator, fashion blogger and she is passionate and constantly concerned by elegance, style and lifestyle. She writes on, a diary of personal style and romantic confessions, aristocratic lifestyle advice, seduction, chic life and another ladies sweetness, being one of the most followed fashion bloggers from Romania.
Her motto is: Be splendid, do good, look superb and make glamorous mistakes.


Diana Enciu & Alina Tanasa
Fashion Bloggers, Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous means the perfect mix & match between decisions about personal style and attitude. Diana Enciu and Alina Tanasa, always preoccupied with style, fashion and trends, write on, one of the most read fashion blogs from Romania, about lifestyle, personal style, fashion weeks, fashion brands and street style, being a real inspiration for their readers. Together they have created Fabulous PR & Events agency and developed some of the most popular fashion projects: Absolutely Fabulous, Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair, first fashion magazine in Romania: and their personal style and lifestyle blog:


Stela Toderascu
Sales Support & Digital Activation Manager, Avon Cosmetics Romania

Stela Toderascu is successfully combining the role of being mother of a teenager, manager of Sales Support & Digital Activation department in Avon Romania and when she finds a little bit of time she sings or makes jewelry for her and her friends. On Avonspaceblog she shares the recipes that she likes to cook. She is for 9 years in Avon starting with the position of Marketing Manager for Avon Moldova and in 2008 became PR&Advertising Manager for Avon Romania.